We care about and take care of our customers because that is our business.


We understand that the best way to save time and money is to do it right the first time. In this intensely competitive marketplace, where quality, price and delivery drive the success of our customers, we’re committed to helping you manage the entire product lifecycle of your hardware in the most resourceful manner.

We approach every step of the manufacturing process with unparalleled expertise, from concept and design, through final assembly and distribution. Our expanding global footprint allows for flexibility and continuity in the manufacturing support of your products.

It is our policy to support every customer who offers us opportunity without regard to their size, or the industry that they are involved in. This policy has allowed us unequaled range and flexibility in our particular industry, and has given us a more robust foundation for current and future fiscal stability. We’ll be here for our customers today; and we’ll be here for you tomorrow.

Our strengths lie in our people. It is our philosophy that an organization can only be as good as its employees. We are committed to training, developing, and empowering our employees to create competitive advantages for our customers. Virtually all of our employees are occupationally multi-dimensional. They can flex into any area of the manufacturing organization with cooperative ease.

PANCORE KOREA offers a broad range of services to support business solutions from online inquiries and total supply chain management to integrated prototyping, concurrent engineering and assemblies. Our strategic business model has been built around flexibility, constant improvement, continuous cycle time reduction, and cost savings to our customers.

It is our goal to serve as an extension of our customers and become the strongest link in your supply chain. We urge you to take advantage of our experience and allow us the opportunity to prove that the services we offer are genuinely authentic.